Some Salient Features

  • Brand NEW and unique Idea. The FIRST Crypto-Fiat Arbitrage Platform in the world!

  • Arbitrage is low risk(though trickier to manage) than normal trading. The system algorithm will go ahead and do a trade only when it spots a profit, no matter how small, in various crypto-fiat and fiat-fiat pairs across different Crypto and Forex exchanges. This type of trading is carried out simultaneously and in milliseconds across platforms. Thousands of small trades are done daily by the proprietary bot, to reach our maximum profitability goals.

  • Well known CEO who is a public figure. Puts his name, weight and life long reputation and brilliant mathematical skills behind this project. He has a long history of finding profitable solutions in difficult markets.

  • We all require transparency, this company provides it. Once you sign up for FREE, you will be able to monitor trades in real time in the back office.

  • A very sustainable business plan and is set to provide long-term passive income. 65% of total profits are distributed among investors while 35% kept for the network bonus and the improvement of the platform.

  • Launched Jan 11 2020, system has been rigorously tested in private for sometime and has yielded great profitability. Based on past performances, we can expect an average daily return of 1%(0.5%-1.5%), 5 days a week(weekends off).

  • Instant daily withdrawals. There are no withdrawal fees. Only blockchain fees if deposit and withdrawal is in Bitcoin. Visa and MasterCard are also accepted as modes of payment(will be integrated soon).

  • Minimum deposit required to start is only $100 (and max $100,000). While principal cannot be withdrawn before 90 days, daily profits can be instantly withdrawn as soon as they accumulate to $50 (max daily withdrawal limit is $10,000). Compounding can also be done in batches of $100, meaning as soon as your profit balance reaches $100 or more, you can choose to reinvest it(adds to principal) and increase your overall daily profits. One thing to keep in mind is that your principal deposit or contribution NEVER expires and you will keep collecting trading profits on it as long as it is in the system. It is like going into a partnership with the company. So why is there a lock-in period? Because your money is distributed into various exchange accounts and it is not possible to return it to you at a moments' notice. After 90 days you are free to take it all out if you so wish.

  • Although Registration is strictly invitation based, do not misunderstand or get the wrong idea. Sponsor and the Company only makes money when YOU make money here. Unlike a ponzie scam and many other mlm schemes, where a sponsor/company immediately gets paid from deposits of new members, Here the company uses new capital to carry out successful trades first and then distributes profits between the company, the client and its up lines. The client/investor always gets 65% of the profits while the sponsor and promoters get rewarded by the company out of its share of 35%. This makes it a very stable and sustainable program where the network compensations never become a burden. For more questions and doubts, please read the FAQs in the "Documents" section of the website.

  • Please go ahead and join with CONFIDENCE!

Your invitation code : 97pA5gk9k9

Investing of any nature can be highly rewarding but also carry some inherent risks. There can never be any guarantees of future success based of past performances. Please invest responsibly and never more than you can afford to lose.

**You do not have to put in your real information while registering, if you do not want to, and can always change and correct them later on.

You can learn a lot more about this project at their Official Web Page.
Some tutorials and videos of interviews and private funding launch events are posted HERE.

Some tutorials and videos of interviews and private funding launch events are posted HERE.

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**UPDATE The Global Launch event is in Madrid, on January 11. Anyone is welcome to register and attend it